How to Join the Conversation at

Conversation. That’s what we are trying to engender here at–conversation about a lot of things, but at the core, global missions. We want to bring more into the public sphere a conversation that has often been confined mainly to books, missions agency board rooms, and conferences. Inaccessibility is an unacceptable plight for such a fundamental Christian practice, which is why we are excited you are here, ready to add to the dialogue.

The Scope

You’ve come here because you want to join in the conversation, so let’s get into some of the specifics of how to do that. We want to talk about all things missions, and we’ve organized the site into a few categories, just to stay organized. Understanding those categories may help you think about the contribution you would like to make:

  • Current Events discusses the effect of current events on missionary engagement.  
  • People & Places shares informative stories meant to deepen Christian love and concern for people in need of the gospel.
  • Training offers resources for equipping churches and missionaries for effective missionary sending.
  • Research focuses on data-driven resources for understanding our changing world in order to more effectively make disciples and plant churches.
  • Church Planting offers stories, resources, and information focused on cross-cultural planting.
  • Disciple Making encourages individuals to prioritize making disciples through helpful resources, best practices, and inspirational narrative.
  • Arts & Culture demonstrates the importance of considering how culture intersects with faith and affects all missionary activity.

We want to address questions that churches are asking–things that can serve, equip, and invite further dialogue. Things that mobilize and inspire movement. The content here is not meant to be an end in and of itself; it is meant to spur others to think, pray, respond, and join into God’s mission.

The Specifics

All content here is governed by two documents. The first is the Bible. We are committed to conversations that are informed, shaped, and framed by Scripture. The second is the Baptist Faith and Message. Within the framework they provide, dialogue is wide open.

Article submissions should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • 800-1000 words, double spaced in 12 pt. Times New Roman or Helvetica font
  • Submit in a Word document
  • Include a working title (which may change) and section headings every 200-300 words
  • Include a 2-4 sentence bio, including pertinent links and social media info
  • Submit original materials, not excerpts from other pre-published materials

Here’s what we will do if your submission is chosen for publication:

  • Connect you with an editor for communication regarding any necessary content changes
  • Edit for style and pair with an appropriate image
  • Publish at to remain in perpetuity
  • Ask that you allow us exclusive publishing rights for one week, beyond which you may post your article as often as you’d like with links back to

To submit an article or idea, fill out this form, and someone on our editorial staff will get back with you soon.