Thank you for taking the time to send a heartfelt note of encouragement to a missionary! 

Your words of support and prayers can be an instrument that God uses to uplift and strengthen these missionaries as they share the gospel in remote and sometimes dangerous areas.

Your compassion for those on the field and the desire to make a difference in their work is truly inspiring. As someone who deeply cares about supporting missionaries serving in hard places, we invite you to consider taking one more step today.

At the International Missions Board (IMB), it is our purpose and privilege to equip and send missionaries to those people groups and locations where Christ is largely unknown. 

There is an additional way you can participate in supporting missionaries today. A gift of any amount to the International Mission Board will be used to support the work God is doing all over the world to bring life, hope, and help to those who are in need. 

Will you give a gift of any amount today to ensure that those who do not yet know the name of Jesus will experience His love and learn to know Him well?

Your generosity will bring medical supplies, clean water, education, and the life-transforming message of the gospel. 

We want you to know that 100% of your gift goes directly to support missionaries on the field.

As you consider making a gift today, we want to express our deepest gratitude for your compassion and commitment to the Great Commission. Your support not only impacts the lives of those served by the missionaries but also fosters a ripple effect of everlasting transformation.

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