Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

Together, we transform lives


Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

100% of your gifts given to LMCO go directly to IMB missionaries on the field.


Week of Prayer for International Missions

Join us for the Week of Prayer, where Southern Baptists pray for IMB missionaries, their ministries and the unreached people and places they serve.

The Lottie Moon Christmas Offering® is a registered trademark of Woman’s Missionary Union.

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Where Can I Go?


The American peoples have a rich heritage of missions, yet more than 550 million American people are living without Jesus. Partner with us to exalt Christ and proclaim the Good News among them. Learn More.

Asia-Pacific Rim

The Asia-Pacific Rim is home to 2.3 billion people, living in 16 countries and representing nearly 30% of the world’s total population. Of those only 4.2% are followers of Jesus, and 43,454 men, women and children are dying every day without Christ. Learn More.

Central Asia

All of the Persian and Turkic peoples who call Central Asia home are unreached. Most Central Asians have no knowledge of biblical Christianity and are unaware that the gospel is good news. Learn More.

Deaf Peoples

world have never seen Jesus's name signed in their language. Often ignored and oppressed, the Deaf are some of the least evangelized people on earth. Learn More.


Europe’s 810 million residents are from every country in the world. Though diverse, the people of Europe do have one thing in common – more than 98% do not follow Jesus. Learn More.

North Africa and Middle East

Northern African and Middle Eastern peoples live in a place where history blends with the modern world. Filled with unengaged and unreached peoples, there the church is engaged in a captivating resurgence unlike any other. Learn More.

South Asia

From the heights of the mighty Himalayas to the crystal-clear water of the Maldives, South Asia is both awe-inspiring and heart-wrenching It has the largest concentration of non-Christians on the planet. South Asia is home to more than 500 million Muslims and is the birthplace of Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Jainism. Learn More.

Sub-Saharan Africa

Sub-Saharan African peoples have a growing Christian population, yet still nearly 1,600 unreached people groups remain in sprawling cities, barren deserts, rain forests, and tropical islands. Partner with us to reach them with the gospel. Learn More.

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