Doors open in Lesotho

“At a mobile medical clinic held in the remote mountain village of Ha Maphike,” writes a Basotho Team member, “I met a young mother whose teenage son had large growths behind each ear. The young man was terribly embarrassed by the growths and wore a hat pulled down over his ears all the time. The mother said that he was continually teased by the other children at school.”

“In February of this year, a medical team from a church in Virginia came to Lesotho. This is the second year that this church has joined us to do medical missions. Arrangements were made to see the doctors, and the mother met us at our home one evening after we had spent a full day at a village medical clinic. The volunteer doctors removed the growths from the boy’s ears in a simple procedure on our dining room table.”

“Fast forward to July 2014: This boy’s mother commits her life to Christ! Praise God for Southern Baptist church partners who are using their passions and gifts to reach the mountain Basotho for Christ! Sometimes the little things open the door to the Gospel!” Pray for more doors to open to the Basotho people.

*Photo: a girl in Lesotho