Baba* was excited when workers arrived in his Bambara village in November 2013. There were no believers there, but he had heard of Jesus and wanted to know more. He quickly came to believe and prayed to receive salvation. In the months that followed, he diligently studied the Bible and offered his courtyard for worship services so that others could learn about Jesus.

Recently he told workers that his neighbors had threatened him, his wife and his children. They said that he must not continue the worship services and that he must return to his Islamic faith to maintain unity in the village. His mother even told him he should renounce his faith in Jesus.

Heartbroken, the workers prayed for him as their national Bambara ministry partner quietly sobbed. What will happen to Baba and the other five believers in this village? Ask God to use this situation for His glory, drawing many Bambara to Himself. Pray that Bambara believers will have the courage to stand firm in the face of opposition and persecution.

*Name changed

IMB Photo: Bambara mother and child