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Watch a video of how generous financial support provided for missionaries Joe and Penny in a time of crisis.

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Investing in eternity

Joe and Penny didn’t know what to do.

They knew what it was like to retire, leave their life in the U.S. and start over in Southeast Asia for the sake of the gospel. They had felt prepared for that when it happened.

But this — this was different.

The IMB exists to take
the good news of Jesus
to every corner of the earth.

As one of the leading global missions organizations in the world, the IMB prioritizes getting missionaries to the people and places of the world who have never heard the gospel.

IMB is unique as a missionary sending agency in that most of the missionaries sent from their churches through IMB are sent out fully funded and do not have the burden or distraction of traveling back and forth to the U.S. to seek financial support.

We work in over 150 countries, focusing on evangelism, discipleship, healthy church formation, and pastoral training.

IMB provides every missionary the best-in-class biblical preparation, global research and comprehensive care for their cross-cultural life and ministry.

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