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Ingrid Woodbridge

Long-term / Africa

Harrell Family

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Long-term / Africa

Pepper Family

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Long-term / Africa

Bethany Amber

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Mid-term / American Peoples

Brandi & Amanda

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Ingrid Woodbridge

Long-term / Ukraine


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Long-term / Africa

Haun Family

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Where Can I Go?


The American peoples have a rich heritage of missions, yet more than 550 million American people are living without Jesus. Learn More

Central Asia

All of the Persian and Turkic peoples who call Central Asia home are unreached. Learn More

Deaf Peoples

Most of the 35 million Deaf people around the world have never seen Jesus's name signed in their language. Learn More

East Asia

East Asian peoples represent a fourth of the world’s population. Learn More


It seems impossible to reach the 99 percent of Europeans who don’t have a relationship with Jesus. Learn More

North Africa And Middle East

North African and Middle Eastern peoples live in a place where history blends with the modern world. Learn More

South Asia

From the heights of the mighty Himalayas to the crystal-clear water of the Maldives, South Asia is both awe-inspiring and heart-wrenching It has the largest concentration of non-Christians on the planet. Learn More

Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is home to 2,728 people groups and the world’s largest Muslim population. Learn More

Sub-Saharan Africa

Sub-Saharan African peoples have a growing Christian population, yet still nearly 1,600 unreached people groups remain in sprawling cities, barren deserts, rain forests, and tropical islands. Learn More

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