Refugee mom bold in evangelism and discipleship

Zahara* bubbles over with energy. She loves taking care of her own children, but also everyone who passes through her life. Her home is a place of welcome as visitors eat her food and experience her Middle Eastern hospitality. Her joy, however, is not just cultural or based on her personality. Zahara trusts in Jesus, and that makes all the difference in a difficult life.

As a young teenager, Zahara married an older man. They fled their war-torn home and now live as refugees in a foreign land, where they struggle to meet their family’s basic needs. She has witnessed the suffering of her older children, including one daughter who has experienced grief through abandonment, abuse and loss from two marriages.

Many refugees seeking material help are like Jesus’ parable of the seeds that sprout up but fall away when persecution comes. As others fall away, Zahara’s faith stands firm. She testifies to the miracles she has witnessed in her life, including a young daughter who was healed from a disease. She disciples other women and openly shares her hope.

Zahara’s husband is tolerant of her faith but has not fully embraced it. He reads Scripture during quiet moments on the job. Pray God will open his eyes and transform his heart. Pray other women will believe and join Zahara in the work of the gospel.

*Name changed