Powerful testimony reaches nonbelievers

The snowstorm wasn’t letting up anytime soon. It was late December 2019, and the weather was frigid. As night fell, Paul’s friends cautioned him not to make the trip he’d planned. Something told him he shouldn’t delay it, however.

Paul*, a Christian in East Asia, came to faith when he was a young man after the Lord miraculously healed him from tuberculosis. He was so sick that most people in his village expected him to die. But, after he prayed to God for healing, he recovered. His whole family became Christians when they saw God’s power at work in Paul’s life.

As Paul grew in his faith, he became burdened to share the gospel with others. Six years ago, he started ministering to an unreached people group scattered in remote villages outside his city. They had many physical needs, especially during the bitterly cold winter months. Paul routinely gathered food, clothing and other necessities to deliver to them.

As the people saw his kindness and compassion, the Lord opened doors for Paul to build relationships and share the gospel. Word of his ministry began to spread among different families, and he was invited into homes. Soon, groups for worship and Bible study had started in many of the villages.

When the coronavirus started overwhelming East Asia, Paul’s ministry became increasingly important. The people he worked with already struggled to make ends meet, and the epidemic limited their access to resources even more.

The night the snowstorm fell, Paul was supposed to travel to a new group of families to comfort them and deliver clothes and shoes believers had donated. Despite the weather, he decided to keep his plans and set out on the wintery roads. But as he drove over a bridge on the way there, he suddenly lost control of the wheel. Before he had time to react, his car went skidding down an embankment and rolled over, leaving him unconscious inside.

Incredibly, when emergency personnel arrived a short time later, they discovered he was relatively unharmed. Though his car had been totaled, he had sustained only bruises. The policemen at the accident, all unbelievers, called Paul’s survival a miracle.

Since then, Paul has been able to testify about the accident to the families he ministers to, most of whom are atheists. He tells them how God protected him and provided for him. Some have responded by exclaiming, “God is alive!”

Twice now, God’s protection has spared Paul’s life and given him a powerful testimony that God is real, merciful and loving. Pray that God will continue to use Paul and believers like him to draw many people from this unreached people group to Himself.