Five Videos You May Have Missed

Editor’s note: These five videos are a small example of the many engaging videos created for IMB’s 175th anniversary interactive timeline.

Towering Pioneers – 1850s

During a rebellion, Matthew Yates refused to leave Shanghai, even when cannonballs fell through the roof of his house.


Journey Around the World – 1900s

R.J. Willingham’s journey around the world set the precedent for future presidents to travel overseas to encourage missionaries.


Grateful and Proud – 1930s

Depression-era widow Ami Fort dedicated her son to God, spurring a commitment to missions passed on through generations.


Dramatic and Meaningful – 1970s

After a baptism service in Indonesia, new Christians piled up and burned symbols from their former lives.


Past, Present and Future – 2010s

Bangalore Baptist Hospital opened the door for ministry in India, and it now dreams of doubling its future impact.