Because you give: Discipling the nations to disciple the nations

Thank you for giving

Because you give, missionaries and ministry partners started a thriving church in Debrecen, Hungary.

Because you give, an international church in Hungary is part of solving the world’s greatest problem – lostness.

Because you give, we are truly reaching the nations, together.

In fact, International Baptist Church of Debrecen, a collaborative effort church plant between IMB missionaries Gary and Carolyn Miller, national believers and other Christian workers, has grown to reach 50 people each week.

In this international city, the church focuses on college students and young adults who come to Debrecen to make their home while studying. Around 37,000 students attend the University of Debrecen, which is one of the largest universities in the country. Nearly 7,000 are international students, making the city a ripe mission field. Many are working on graduate programs or Ph.Ds.

IMB missionary Carolyn Miller (center) chats with attendees after a worship service at the International Baptist Church in Debrecen, Hungary. IMB Photo

Even the leadership of the church is international, with Americans, Hungarians, an Ecuadorian and Nigerians serving together. Each week, the church can count 15 different nations represented in their attendees.

“You look in Revelation and you see that eventually we’re all going to be gathered around the throne,” Gary said. “Well, in our church we get just a little taste of that.”

IMB missionary Gary Miller, the co-planter of International Baptist Church, chats with a friend on the streets of Debrecen, Hungary. Miller’s vision is to see students equipped to take the gospel to the nations through the church plant. IMB Photo

Thanks to the support of churches, like yours, who give to the Lottie Moon offering and Cooperative Program, the Millers can provide a steadfast missionary presence in this international city.

The beauty of this diversity is that the church can train and equip a missions force to get into places Americans can’t go with an American passport – like the team the church is preparing to send on a short-term trip to help equip believers for special types of ministries in Africa.

A Kenyan student reads his Bible during a worship service at the International Baptist Church in Debrecen, Hungary. The church was co-founded and is co-pastored by IMB missionary Gary Miller. The city’s university attracts students from all over the globe and presented the unique opportunity to plant an English-speaking church in the community. IMB Photo

“Our vision when we first came to Hungary was equipping Hungarians to go out to the nations,” Gary said. “But then we looked around and the nations are coming here.”

The Millers’ vision for those who pass through their church is lofty. But, with the prayers and financial support of people like you, it’s becoming a reality.

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