East Asian believers spread Christmas message in spite of bitter cold  

This Christmas season, even sub-zero temperatures have not deterred East Asian Christians from sharing the gospel. One country, in particular, is known for frigid winter weather. In the capital city during December, the average daily low temperature is minus 9 degrees Fahrenheit.  

During the coldest months of the year, even just walking outside and breathing the icy air for too long can be uncomfortable. But instead of letting the challenges of freezing weather keep them from outreach and ministry, one church has embraced the unique opportunities the season brings.  

Over 200 counties in the country, like this one pictured, currently have no church presence. IMB Photo      

Every Saturday, several believers spend time driving around the city looking for anyone walking. When they find someone, they offer a ride wherever the person needs to go with the intent of sharing the gospel. Usually, they find opportunities share about Christ during the ride. 

Eileen Swarr, an IMB worker living in the same city, said the church members have consistently seen God at work through these efforts.  

“Most every week during the church’s testimony time, people share that after praying before going out to do evangelism on Saturdays, God directed them to a specific person and prepared those people’s hearts to believe,” she said. 

The church is also planning a Christmas outreach with two other small churches in the same city. For months, everyone has been praying for five friends or family members they can share the gospel with and invite to a special joint Christmas service the churches will host together. 

Temperatures in one East Asian country during the winter are regularly below zero degrees Fahrenheit. IMB Photo

Swarr says she has been encouraged by the heart these churches have for evangelism. Less than 2% of the population are believers, and over 200 counties in the country have no church presence. There is a great need for local believers to plant healthy, multiplying churches. Meeting that need begins with simple acts of obedience, like sharing the gospel with those around them.  

“Their strong stand encourages me to be a bolder witness,” she said.  

Pray that God will give Mongolian believers many opportunities during Christmas to share the gospel with their friends and family, and that as they gather to celebrate His birth, He will strengthen and encourage them for the year ahead.