How much does it cost, on average, to support a missionary?
  • $60,000 a year (global average)
  • $5,000 a month
  • $1,154 a week
  • $164 a day

This is a global average of the annual cost for supporting an individual missionary and includes all forms of ministry support and personnel support (salary, medical expenses, language study, children’s education, housing, visas, travel, retirement benefits, and more). These averages are per individual adult — not per couple or family. Costs for a couple are double the amounts above.

Please note: These amounts are global averages that factor in a wide range of variables such as single personnel versus married, family size, type of schooling for TCKs, visa costs, travel costs, and much more. They are not meant to be representative of any one type of personnel or location. The global average does not include any allocation of overhead or administrative costs.

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