Questions to Ask During Field Interview

Potential Questions to Ask a Supervisor/Team Leader during Your Interview

About the Team and Life

  • What would be your expectations of me as a team member if I join your team? What should I expect from you as a team leader?
  • What would my ongoing relationship with you as a team leader look like?
  • How would you describe your leadership style (i.e. more hands off versus more direct
    involvement in details/direction)?
  • What is the makeup of the current team? What other singles/couples/families are presently on the team?
  • What does effective teaming look like from your perspective? How often and in what settings does the team gather?
  • How much direction would I have regarding what a given day/week will look like? How
    frequently would we be working together as a team as we engage the people group?
  • How would I be able to walk alongside existing team personnel regularly and be mentored
    and trained? What would mentoring look like with this job?

About the Place

  • What sort of housing should I expect in this location? Would I have a roommate (if single)?
  • What does church look like in this context? Would I attend a local church in the local
    language? If there are existing churches in the area, how does the team interact with local

About the Job

  • What would a normal week look like in this job?
  • How many hours of my week would relate to platform expectations? What would this entail?
  • What skills and/or experience are needed to fulfill this job? What are some unique challenges related to this position?
  • What role will this position play in the overall team strategy? [If married] What would the
    spouse role look like for this position?

About Preparation

  • What would language study look like? How much full-time language study would I get to take?
  • What would ongoing language study look like after my period of full- time study is completed?
  • How could I begin learning language before I leave the US? Any resources you would
  • What could I be doing now to prepare for this job? What books should I be reading or what skills should I be developing, etc.?
  • What sort of a visa would I pursue?

About Communication

  • What would my reason for entry be in this job?
  • If I do fill this job, how should I communicate about it with others from a security perspective?