Training Overview

Pre-Deployment Training for new missionaries is focused on the six components of the
missionary task: entry, evangelism, discipleship, church formation, leadership development,
and exit, with the main focus being on entry. The training is curriculum and content focused for
sequenced learning. This training is what every IMB missionary needs regardless of where they
are going or where they are serving.

The training is comprised of the following:

  • Independent preparatory reading and activities
  • Large group instruction sessions
  • Practicum and cohort work
  • Small and large group discussion
  • eLearning
  • Examining case studies, tools, and other resources
  • Regular learning assessment and debriefing opportunities
  • Sound theological and missiological teaching and coaching by organizational leaders,
    trainers, and mentors as well as pastors and friends of the IMB

Each participant will complete the Pre-Arrival course before arriving to prepare them for
instruction, learning activities, and discussion. Courses are arranged by topic and weeks are
scheduled around themes. There is a calendar/syllabus that directs participants to the large
group instruction, cohort time, or independent reading and course preparation materials.

Training Outcomes

Together with training leaders from across the organization, we have developed a set of
training outcomes for all new missionaries. Pre-Deployment courses are designed to meet a
number of specific outcomes that are arranged under the following categories:

  • Vision Outcomes
  • IMB Specific Outcomes
  • Personal and Family Discipleship Outcomes
  • Entry Outcomes
  • Evangelism Outcomes
  • Discipleship Outcomes
  • Church Formation Outcomes
  • Leadership Development Outcomes
  • Exit Outcomes
  • IMB Teaming Outcomes