Bethany Amber
South Africa
Bethany Amber
As a teenage “missionary kid” (MK), Bethany Amber is constantly involved in her parents’ ministry in Johannesburg, South Africa. “That’s pretty much what being an MK is all about: following behind your parents and doing what they do . . . being an example for Christ in your own age group.”

But Bethany has a ministry of her own, too. Her language skills have allowed her to serve as a counselor at camps for Afrikaans-speaking kids from foster homes and orphanages, not only leading in games and activities, but also actively sharing the gospel with campers.

Bethany’s artistic side also plays a role on the mission field: she uses henna to share the stories of Scripture. In parts of Africa and Asia, henna is used to create decorative nonpermanent tattoos, often for special occasions such as weddings. Working with a friend, Bethany has created symbols and designs to represent different parts of Bible stories.

“So we might create a design that represents Jesus, and we might create a design that represents women, or sin - things like that,” Bethany explained. Then they string together the symbols to represent a Bible story as they carefully paint these truths on the hands and arms of listeners. People who meet Bethany don’t just hear the gospel — they carry it away with them on their own hands.

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