The Harrell Family
Brian and Becky Harrell arrived in Mozambique in 2004 with a one-year-old child and the desire to serve where no one else was working. “Like Paul, we didn’t want to build on somebody else’s work,” Brian said. “We read job requests from all over the world, but the one that stood out to us was this stretch of coastline.”

Today, they serve the island of Mozambique with their four children: Andrew, Dillon, Janna Kate, and Micah. Together, they’ve made their home among some of the most remote communities in the world. Sometimes, the whole family often piles into their dhow and sails to remote villages that are easier reached by water than by land. “I love to have my children with me, says Becky, “This is something that we do as a family. We’re in this together.”

The villages where the Harrells live are steeped in centuries of Islam and witchcraft, and persecution is a daily reality for local believers. But the Holy Spirit is moving. Brian is overjoyed to see the incredible leaps the gospel is making around him, sharing, “We’re starting to see people sharing their faith, we’re starting to see new works planted, we starting to see national believers go out as missionaries!”

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