Ingrid Woodbridge
Ingrid Woodbridge
Ingrid grew up in Germany during the Cold War, and that experience has uniquely equipped her for her ministry in L’viv, Ukraine.

When war broke out in the eastern part of their country a few years ago, thousands of Ukrainians fled west, many of them directly to the city of L’viv. Ingrid is part of an IMB missionary team working to serve both these refugees and the natives of L’viv. Through a local seminary, they are working to plant new churches and train Ukrainian believers in evangelism and discipleship, challenging them to take the gospel not only to their own country, but to the ends of the earth.

Ingrid’s primary role on this team is that of a mentor for younger believers. “I feel that I can relate to these young women and invest in them so that they can grow up to be spiritually mature women,” she shares.

Ingrid takes this discipleship ministry wherever it needs to go in order to help her mentees grow. “I meet them in coffee houses, in their home, in my home. And we talk about life, about decisions, about godliness. And these mentoring relationships are really precious to me.”

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