Ark People of the Horn of Africa and Beyond

The word that describes the Ark people more than any other is “scattered.” It is believed that more Ark people live outside of the homeland than within it. This scattering separates families, sometimes briefly and sometimes for decades or forever. Many risk their lives across countries, borders, and seas, longing for freedom, a future, and a place to call home. If they did not experience trauma in the homeland, they will experience it on the refugee road. They cling to ancient faiths and their traditions, trying to be holy enough to approach God and find rest for their souls. Less than 2% are true followers of Jesus. Persecution for following Christ is severe, with many suffering in extremely hot prisons, enduring repeated beatings in an effort to get them to recant their faith. Others face cultural persecution, being shunned by their families and communities. Despite this persecution, house churches are still gathering, and the gospel is spreading. From the Horn of Africa to Europe, the Ark people need to find salvation in Jesus and their home in a local body of Christ. Please pray for the salvation of the Ark people.