Asian Pacific Rim Peoples

People in many Asia-Pacific Rim countries are excited for the Lunar New Year, which is on February 9 this year. This is a time of age-old traditions, celebrations, family gatherings, and food. In some countries, people have been busy cleaning as they prepare their house for the new year. For many, the new year carries the hope of dreams being fulfilled, while for others, it may carry fears of an unknown future. Without Christ as their solid foundation, people are tossed about by the waves of new teachings, or they are knocked down by the storms of life. Will you join in praying for people to clean out their hearts and make room for the King of kings to take up residence there? Pray for them to get rid of anything that occupies the throne of their heart and be willing to offer themselves completely to Jesus, making Him Lord and Savior and discovering a peace that passes understanding.