Asian Pacific Rim Unengaged Peoples

Formerly pirates, fishermen, and headhunters, the Iban of Brunei today are hospitable, peaceful, and generous people. Mostly farmers, they are one of the main Indigenous peoples of Brunei. As is true elsewhere, the younger generation is becoming more professional and moving to major towns and cities. The Iban traditionally are animists, and their religious beliefs are closely tied to rice planting and the harvest. Nowadays some are becoming Christian, while others are marrying into Muslim families. Gospel materials are available in their language, and opportunities exist for them to hear the gospel. Pray that those who will go to share will find receptive hearts among the Iban. As groups of believers meet together, pray for churches to be established and kingdom growth to be a natural result. Already hospitable, pray that the gentleness of Iban believers will be evident to all and that much glory will be given to God.