Asian Pacific Rim Unengaged Peoples

Laos officially recognizes over 47 ethnicities in the country, and of those are 149 sub-groups speaking at least 80 different languages. Many of these groups are unengaged with the gospel. One of them, the Cali of Laos, also called the Lao Theung (Upland), is part of the Mon-Khmer people. They are animists, believing that animals, plants, and inanimate objects all possess a spiritual essence. Gospel materials are available to them, but they remain unreached with the gospel. Will you pray for this people group to have opportunities to hear of the God who created the world and who placed eternity in their hearts? Ask God to open their eyes to the beauty all around them. Pray they will seek the Creator rather than worship the creation. Pray for them to recognize their hunger for more than the world can ever offer and to discover that their hearts’ desires can be satisfied in Christ alone.