Baloch of the Arab Gulf

(buh-LOHCH) – Mary is an older Baloch woman who lives with her sons, their wives, and their children. A few months ago, Beth, a believer who lives nearby, went to visit them. Friends and extended family members were also there because Mary’s brother in her home country had died and she was in mourning. They all spoke about casual things, and then Mary asked Beth to share the Christmas story with her friends. Beth had shared the story once in December with Mary and her daughters-in-law, and then again after a wedding when asked to do so. This was now the third time that Mary was wanting to hear the story. Beth shared, and the entire time, Mary prayed and nodded her head in agreement. When Beth said that we believe that Jesus died for our sins and rose from the grave, Mary nodded at that, too. Pray that Beth will have the ability to connect in a meaningful way and communicate the gospel well with Mary, who is much older than she is. Pray that Beth can share more stories from the Bible and that this whole family will believe!