Baloch of the Arab Gulf

(buh-LOHCH) – Molly recently came to faith and was baptized. While standing in the water before her baptism, she quoted John 1:5 (ESV): “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” In a calm, clear voice, she spoke to the church members gathered around the pool, saying that she had found the light and that she was praying that many more like her would also find it. The one unbeliever in attendance, Matthew, who was there at her invitation, turned to a church member standing next to him and said, “She’s talking about me. I will be next to follow Christ.” A few weeks later, he proclaimed his new faith in front of the church and was later baptized. Praise God that He is already using the courage and testimony of this young believer from an unreached people group as a light to bring people living in darkness to Himself! Pray that God will continue to use Molly in this way all the days of her life.