Central Asian Peoples

Pray for the Northern Border People, the largest ethnic group in their region. They live mainly in two river valleys, are nearly entirely Muslim, and consider their religious beliefs to be integral to their cultural identity. They’re very hospitable. Any trip to a village will involve an offer for “tea” (in reality, a full meal) and an invitation to spend the night. Though they’re open and friendly, beneath the surface, there’s a deep hopelessness in the culture. Suicide, alcoholism, adultery, and drug use are endemic. Most families are broken, as the men leave the country to find work and sometimes take other families in those places. The heart need of these people is the transformation that comes from the gospel. Pray that they’ll be open to receive the gospel. Ask God to raise up evangelists among the few believers. Pray that a community of faith will spring up among them as a testimony to the hope that’s found in Jesus Christ. Also pray that churches in the United States will commit to praying for the Northern Border People on a consistent and frequent basis. (If your church would like to make such a commitment, please connect with workers by sending an email indicating that.)