Durban, South Africa

(DER-bun) – Missionary Luke Montgomery in Durban, South Africa, has been working with partners to host an evangelism and apologetics workshop in June and July. Meetings will be held every Wednesday evening at Pinetown Baptist Church beginning on June 19 and continuing through July 31. Topics will include an examination of the gospel; why we evangelize; how to address common questions and pushback from various worldviews, including African traditional religion, Hinduism, and Islam; and how to overcome our own personal barriers to evangelism. Each worldview section will be taught by someone with extensive experience doing apologetics and evangelism with people who hold that worldview. Please pray for those who attend, asking that they will be stirred by the Spirit to practice what they learn, that they will gain the confidence needed to share the gospel freely and widely, and that they will recognize and address their personal barriers to evangelizing others. Pray that the Lord will use this time to draw people from various backgrounds and communities together to reach Durban and beyond. Pray that those whom they witness to will desire to “know what this new teaching is that you are presenting” (Acts 17:19 ESV).