Familiar Strangers of China

Millions of people will travel to reunite with family members for the Spring Festival (also known as Chinese or Lunar New Year) around February 10. People face many expectations during this annual holiday. They paste red-papered couplets on doors and serve lots of food and snacks. They exchange gifts, enjoy new clothes, and give children red envelopes with money. People also engage in ancestor worship traditions like burning incense and paper money. Pray that, in the midst of the excitement, Christians will stay strong to not worship ancestors. Pray that they will find new ways to respect their family and honor deceased relatives without worshiping them. Pray that God will bring peace to families and marriages. Many people have been away and have grown apart. Pray that children will feel loved and valued. Pray for safe travel. Pray that Chinese people will know and trust God so that they can celebrate new life in Jesus.