Frontline Mission Network, East Asian Peoples

In the Four Fields process, the second stage involves sowing the gospel, a challenge for many unreached people groups (UPGs) with limited access to Jesus’ saving message. Among the 7,000+ languages globally, over 1,600 lack even a single translated Bible verse in their heart language. To address this via the strategy of Scripture Planting, Bible translators are deployed to UPGs. These translators not only translate Bible stories, such as the Creation 2 Christ set and culturally relevant parables like the Prodigal Son, but also Scripture passages for basic discipleship. This groundwork lays the foundation for translating the entire Gospels of Luke and Acts, facilitating the creation of films like the “JESUS” film. The goal is to sow gospel seeds, initiating the formation of churches. Pray for near-culture believers to respond to this call, dedicating time to bring Jesus’ Word to neighboring tribes. Pray for persons of peace among UPGs to assist in translation, and for the provision of committed translators investing weeks to years in this crucial work. #Fourfields