Global Missionary Partners, Asia-Pacific Rim

Please pray for Leah as she battles spiritual and ministry fatigue. Leah serves in a country of difficult geography, transportation, and language, as well as general spiritual resistance. With thanks to the Lord and for your prayers, Leah is mastering the language and recently took a high-level language test. She expects to have more time for ministry endeavors in place of focused language training. This also comes at a cost. Leah writes: “Pray for patience, strength, and encouragement as I immerse myself in the local culture and local people. Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time with local people, sometimes from morning until evening. I am starting to feel exhausted, and I am wanting a week alone, away from everyone. This is also affecting my quality time with God. I feel like I need to pause, be away from everyone for several days, and just rest in God.” This situation is common in ministry, and it is challenging for each person as they experience this wave. Pray that Leah will be refreshed and that she and her team (and others at this point in their ministry) will find a good balance of ministry, rest, and study.