Global Missionary Partners, Asia-Pacific Rim

Please pray for a Global Missionary Partner (GMP) family from the Asia-Pacific Rim, now serving with an IMB team in Europe. This is a very different culture from their own, and there is a lot for the family to learn. Nathan and Allie are glad that after praying, applying, and waiting, both of their children are now successfully enrolled in schools. They do ask us to pray that their children will make friends and not become too frustrated at their lack of local language skills. Ask the Lord to give them strength. Nathan is experiencing a minor physical problem, and the family asks prayers for healing and the doctor’s wisdom in treatment. The family is so glad to serve with an IMB team, and they ask us to pray that the people they meet will listen and come to know God. Ask the Lord to make this family a light to the nations, that His salvation may reach the end of the earth (Isaiah 49:6).