Honey People of the Horn of Africa

A group of Honey People believers were being baptized one day when some soldiers passed by. “What are you doing?” the soldiers demanded to know. The Honey People shepherd could have been fearful and lied; instead, he explained that the group was partaking in an important religious ritual. He shared how the Honey People believers had recognized their sin and their need of Jesus for salvation. This ritual in the river was a symbol of what these people believed. The soldiers listened attentively, so the shepherd continued to share with them the story of the Prodigal Son. He told them how they could also return to the Father. The soldiers listened but, in the end, just huffed and told the shepherd, “Continue,” and then went on their way. Interruptions can often lead to surprise opportunities to share the truth. Praise God for these new believers who braved political unrest to be obedient in baptism! Praise God for the shepherd’s discernment in seizing an opportunity to share with the soldiers! Pray that the soldiers will remember the Prodigal Son story and find their way back to their loving Father.