Mebo of Laos

(MEE-boh) – This year marks 10 years of praying for the Mebo. In 2017, you began praying for Met. She has had a hard life and struggles in her walk with God. She was left crippled by bone cancer. She had been working at a preschool owned by Christians who helped her through many of her physical challenges. Gradually, she was able to walk on crutches and obtain a motorcycle with a sidecar. This enabled her to go places. She made a profession of faith but did not mature in her faith. For years, she worked at the preschool in the kitchen and continued to have spiritual ups and downs. Her husband was not kind to her and was in the middle of divorcing her when he was killed in an accident, leaving her to raise her son alone. Her son is now a teenager and is spending a lot of time with a rough crowd. Met now sees the value in remaining true to Christ. She attended a week-long class for new members at the local church. Her plan is to go through a two-year study. She is also attending a women’s Bible study each week. Pray for her as she deepens her walk with God. Pray that her son will see her example and follow Christ.