Mountain People of the Horn of Africa

To visit his family, Saul takes a bumpy, three-hour taxi ride from his city. He then walks another three hours to get to his family’s home. This is a very common scenario among the Mountain People. However, due to unrest in the area at this time, it’s unsafe for friends and family who are separated to travel to see each other. Many Mountain People cannot even talk to their family members on the phone, and they are worried about their welfare. Please ask God to comfort these people who are worried about their loved ones. Pray for the ones in rural areas who feel hopeless and forgotten. Ask that believers in those areas will know that God sees them and loves them and is with them. Please ask that they will be able to share this good news with those who don’t yet know God. Finally, please pray for peace. Pray that the roads will open and be safe and that friends and family will be able to communicate with each other again–both by phone and face-to-face. Most of all, pray that peace will bring even more opportunities for believers to share hope with those still in darkness.