Muslims of China

Both followers of Jesus and Muslims face challenges to their religious freedoms on Chinese university campuses. They are taught that personal faith and practice must yield under loyalty to earthly authorities. In spite of these challenges, the college years give many Hui students the opportunity to meet Christians and learn what Christians believe about Jesus. Some may hear the gospel for the first time through new friends and classmates. Students also hear about Jesus as they listen to lectures about world history, literature, and Western culture. Some students are surprised to learn that Christmas is a celebration of Jesus’ birth. As you pray this week for Hui students, please pray for them to develop friendships with Christians who will share their faith in love. Pray that they will learn about Jesus in their classes, and investigate the claims of Christianity. Lift up those who are struggling with addiction, relationship issues, or mental illness to receive help, healing, and the message of hope in Christ. Pray for Hui Muslims who are being persecuted or are facing identity crises to be given the gospel of grace and an invitation to receive salvation through Jesus. Pray that Hui Christian students will persevere in their faith and be encouraged by a community of believers.