North Africans/Middle Easterners, Northern France

Economic affluence, religiosity, and pride are some of the barriers preventing a large North African people group in Europe from following Jesus. A married couple who are from that people group followed Jesus at a young age and desire for others to know the hope, joy, and peace that they have found in Him. Last year, this couple gathered a group of these North African people during Christmas to explain the true reason for the season and to talk about Jesus’ birth, death, and resurrection. They hope to host a Christmas gathering again and are praying that their fellow North Africans will desire to know the one true God incarnate so they can have everlasting life. Pray for this people group to have a personal encounter with the Living God through Jesus Christ during the Christmas season. Ask the Spirit to draw them to Jesus, giving them encounters through dreams and visions and with believers. Ask the Father to guide and protect this married couple, giving them wisdom, discernment, and insight to know how best to serve this community for God’s glory and His kingdom.