Northern African and Middle Eastern Peoples

Two tourists wander around the malls of Dubai and meet shopkeepers from the Philippines. They eat at a restaurant in Doha and speak to a waiter from Kenya. At a gas station in Abu Dhabi, their car is filled with gas by an attendant from Nepal. In Kuwait City, their hotel attendant is from India. A list like this could go on and on. In the cities of the Arabian Gulf are employees from literally all over the globe. Pray for them today as they serve the citizens of those countries, asking that they will do their jobs well and, in return, be treated with favor. Many of them see their families back home only every couple of years, so intercede for their struggles with loneliness. Pray that they will hear of God’s love for them and hear the message of salvation through Christ in their own language. Ask that they will accept that message, form into groups, and grow in faith. Pray that they will eventually be witnesses for Him to all those around them, even to their employers.