Northern African and Middle Eastern Peoples

It is expected that girls across the desert lands will marry and have children. They will raise their children according to how they were raised, passing on traditions and local religious practices. Some do not have an explanation or a choice in putting an amulet around their baby’s neck or in the circumcision of their boys and girls. As mothers mature, they become the gatekeepers of traditions and religious practices. The women of the desert lands desire and are expected to have children both to please their husbands and for self-preservation, as their children will care for them in their old age. Whether they live in handcrafted tents, wooden structures covered with mud, cement block apartments, rural or urban areas, for many mothers, life is a daily chore. Many are struggling economically. Some are single mothers. Pray today for mothers across the desert lands, asking that God will bless them and give them joy. Pray for them to seek after God and learn of His love for them. Pray for believing mothers to lead their families to the Savior, causing entire households to know salvation.