Northern African and Middle Eastern Peoples

Conflict continues in Israel and Gaza. Pray for those on both sides of this conflict who are suffering from fear, trauma, and stress. Lift up those who are mourning the death of loved ones and those who are waiting for loved ones to come home. May God’s mercy be poured out on all who are suffering. As winter approaches, pray for the people of Gaza who are living in tents or on the streets, asking that they will have waterproof gear, warm tents, and butane heaters. Pray that their basic needs will be met. Pray that this conflict will end, that peace will come, and that rebuilding of homes and lives will begin. Ask that believers in Jesus will know how to reach out tangibly to those in need with relief efforts, with words of comfort, and with words of truth. Pray that the church in Gaza and in Israel will be a beacon of hope and light as the Lord guides believers to help those who suffer.