People of Central Taiwan

Buddhism in Taiwan is filled with people being oppressed by spirits, having demonic dreams and spiritual attacks at night, and even possession. While western cultures and monotheistic religions are often wary of interaction with spirits, the culture in Taiwan tends to give credence to many spiritual beings or gods, considering some as purely evil or oppressive and others as beneficial. This belief gives power and authority to priests and spirit mediums. Many claim to become possessed by spirits as they give counsel to those seeking help. Followers of Christ understand and demonstrate the power that Jesus has over the spiritual realm. Many people have come to salvation because of the freedom that Christ has given through the prayers of believers. Christians must take a stand, not only against demons that possess those who have offered themselves up, but also against what people believe to be territorial spirits in shrines, temples, homes, businesses, and public places. Pray that the gospel will advance to areas that currently have not received the hope of the gospel. Pray for believers to boldly proclaim the truth that Jesus is the only way and that He has power over all spiritual beings. Pray that Buddhists in Taiwan will come to faith in Christ and be released from spiritual captivity.