People of Central Taiwan

A geographically square part of Central Taiwan’s west coast has the smallest number of Christian churches and fewest believers in Taiwan. It also supports the three largest Matzu (goddess of the sea) temples in Taiwan. From April to May is the celebration of Matzu’s birthday, with hundreds of thousands of people making pilgrimages from one temple to the others. There are hundreds of temples along the route eager to welcome them. Pray for opportunities and courage to share the gospel with these pilgrims, lost and bound in darkness, looking to Matzu and other gods for hope, light, and truth, only to find more darkness. Pray for open hearts, open ears, open eyes, and open minds. Pray for a spiritual awakening in central Taiwan that leads Buddhist hearts to hunger for godliness and intimacy with Creator God. Pray for increased faith and courage for those seeking truth to surrender their lives to Jesus. Pray for those who hear the full gospel to turn to from Matzu and other gods to the truth and light of Christ. Pray against any barriers that stand in the way of their freedom in Christ.