People of the Arid Triangle, North Africa

Hamid has been traveling recently, looking for work. It all started when his father found a copy of the New Testament and kicked him out of his home. From that point, Hamid needed to find a job to provide for himself. For months, he traveled city to city, working random, small jobs. Thankfully, he has found a stable job back in his hometown, but after a few months of working there, he is feeling a little too settled. He’s now trying to move out of the country to study something new. His flighty tendencies have made it difficult to connect in the past with other believers, but thankfully, he is now taking part in a discipleship group and has become a regular attender. He has been an encouragement to fellow believers and has grown a lot as he has been present and active in the church. Praise God for the time that Hamid has had with the brothers and sisters! Pray for Hamid to rest in the peace he has in Christ rather than continually searching for something new. Pray for him to find contentment where the Lord has him and to grow in his faith and obedience.