Peoples of Ghana

“I once heard a pastor say, ‘There’s a difference between being an admirer of Christ and a disciple of Christ.’ People in Ghana often say that Jesus was a good man and they enjoy the stories that show His power over sickness, death, and evil spirits, but they cannot become a follower of Christ. Others have seen prayers in Jesus’ name answered and have begun attending church to worship Him instead of idols or spirits. While that is good, these people are simply admirers of Christ. They haven’t yet understood that they’re sinners who need a Savior and that salvation is only possible because Jesus lived a sinless life, died in their place, and rose again. Pray that this gospel truth will be preached in all the churches in Ghana so that none who attend will misunderstand what one must do to be saved. And pray that believers will boldly and clearly proclaim this often. Ask the Father to prepare the hearers, convict their hearts, and bring many more Ghanaians to salvation.”