Pretoria, South Africa

(pri-TOR-ee-uh) – “The strands of red, white, and blue beads around her wrists immediately caught my attention as she sat the pitcher of water on the table. After the meal, she came to collect the dishes, and I ventured to ask her the meaning of the beads. She began tentatively, ‘I have a gift.’ Then with more confidence, ‘The blue beads mean that I have a water spirit. The red and white beads represent the spirits of my ancestors on my father’s and mother’s side. I can see visions and receive messages from my ancestors, and they tell me what to do.’ I began gently, wanting to reach her and not offend her. ‘I encourage you to be careful. Sometimes these spirits deceive people. I encourage you to pray to Jesus.’ ‘Oh yes!’ she quickly replied. ‘I pray every night,’ she declared without mentioning the name of Jesus. Please pray for this young woman, Vicky, and thousands like her in Pretoria. These types of colored beads are usually worn only by ‘sangomas,’ traditional healers who claim they can heal people through their interaction with ancestor spirits. Pray for these women to see visions of Jesus instead and respond by turning to Him!”