Pretoria, South Africa

(pri-TOR-ee-uh) – “Schools are closed for the month of December here in Pretoria. The school year ended in November, and the new one will begin in January. December is the equivalent of the school summer break in the United States. While a month off from school sounds nice, this is often a dangerous time for children who are left at home alone for hours each day while their parents are at work. Let’s pray and ask the Father to protect the children in Pretoria from predators, from foolish ‘friends’ who would entice them to use drugs and alcohol, from the addictive and twisted tricks of the internet, and from boredom that would lead to sinful thoughts and actions. ‘Holy Spirit, we pray that You will restrain the evil one as he plots to prey on the children in December. Holy Spirit, we intercede for the souls and minds and bodies of the children of Pretoria. Let the children hear You calling, Jesus! May the quiet moments at home without parents and school be like the quiet fields were for shepherd-boy David, a place where the children meet You. Speak into their hearts and draw them to Your loving, saving Self!'”