Russian Speakers of Eastern Europe

From diverse backgrounds, native Russian speakers in places like Armenia, Georgia, Hungary, and Serbia have a unique story. Many of these post-Soviet peoples are working, studying, vacationing, or receiving humanitarian aid in the larger cities within these four countries. After the collapse of communism in the area, some of these native Russian speakers lived for years but never fully assimilated into the cultures of these countries. Now, regardless of their citizenship, they are experiencing psychological distress and rejection as anti-Russian sentiment builds around them and the Russian language is associated with aggression and violence. Those arriving more recently as refugees come devastated, looking to make a new start in a new place after they’ve left their homes to avoid serving in or becoming a physical or economical casualty of the war. All of these people who feel alone and misunderstood but fight to survive in an unpredictable and changing world around them are precious to God. They search and hope to find their niche in a community where they can feel love and support. God desires His church to be the community of love and support to help lonely native Russian speakers all throughout Eastern Europe know He understands and cares about their deepest needs. Pray for the salvation of the Russian speakers.