Sparrow People of the Horn of Africa

In these times of war, conflict, famine, poverty, and need, believers all over the world are leading trauma healing groups that introduce people to the love and power of God. Through these groups, hearts have been healed and relationships mended, but most of all, people have come to know the Lord. Some believers desire to bring this study to a Sparrow town that has been a place of persecution for those who follow Jesus. Some believers there have lost their businesses, some their homes, and some their jobs. After praying for the Father’s help, the believers continue to feel led to bring these sessions to their brothers and sisters in this town. Their desire is that many will learn to bring their heartaches and pains to the Lord and experience healing and forgiveness and that, ultimately, they will learn to love and forgive those who persecuted them through Christ’s love. Pray that all the participants in this training will be drawn closer to the Father. Ask that believers will be able to forgive their persecutors and share Christ’s love by sharing the gospel with them.