Sub-Saharan African Peoples

Give thanks to God for His work among African leaders forming Africans on Mission! This new organization, officially begun in October 2023, will come alongside African churches to help them equip, train, send, and support African missionaries to the furthest reaches of Africa and to the ends of the earth. Pray for the many African leaders who have joined together in cultivating the growth of this new organization. Pray for their needed finances and other resources. Pray for wisdom as they take the first steps, gathering church leaders and learning how best to come alongside them for missions. All the leaders working together in this organization have significant other responsibilities–jobs, ministries, churches–so pray for their time and efforts to be multiplied. Every tribe and nation God created has a unique role to play in reflecting the image of God to the world. Pray for this group of Africans as they continue to play their roll both individually in the countries and churches they represent and together in this new undertaking to serve the broader African church.