Tswana of Botswana

(t’SWAN-ah) – “Christmastime in Botswana isn’t filled with the commercialism and materialism that we’re used to have fill every moment during this time of year. Trees aren’t cut (or assembled), stockings aren’t hung by the chimney with care, and presents aren’t wrapped and abounding around the base of the tree. The focus of Christmastime is found with everyone going to their home villages and being together as a family. Gifts of flour, sugar, maize meal, cooking oil, and a goat (if you’re lucky) top the lists of gifts that people gather in the city before they head out to the remote regions of Botswana to the villages and cattle ‘kraals’ (enclosures) where families gather. Pray for the believers as they head home to their villages, oftentimes where there is no gospel presence, asking that they will be prompted to share about Jesus Christ who was born 2,000-plus years ago and how He came to be the Savior of the world. Also pray for missionaries, like our family, who are separated from our extended families as they all gather together at Christmas. It can often be a very lonely time, but pray for the Savior’s comfort and peace as we celebrate Christmas from afar.”