Tuareg of the Sahara Desert

(TWAR-eg) – It’s dawn; the woman of the house is up early, and her managing of the household has begun. She prepares the morning meal, sends her daughter to draw water from the well, and makes sure that all the children are fed and the men have all that they need for a day of tending the herds of goats, sheep, and camels. After the morning meal has been eaten and the dishes cleaned, she begins the task of teaching her children all that she can. Nothing is formal, but as the day progresses, she teaches them about their religion, how to manage a home, how to take care of cuts and scrapes, and all the basic things that they will need to function in their own homes if they ever move out. Mothers are important all over the world. During this month of celebrating mothers, please pray that Tuareg mothers will come to know Jesus and teach Him to their children. May this be an integral part of the Tuareg people coming to faith in Jesus.