Turks of Istanbul, Turkey

(is-tan-BULL) – Victor has had a difficult life. His father left when he was young, and he hasn’t seen him since. In 2020, his mother became paralyzed after a fall, so he had to leave school to help care for her. Now, he’s continuing high school even though he’s past the age of most high school students. Facing difficulties and being an “outsider” often drive people in Istanbul to seek truth. At the beginning of last year, Victor started investigating Christianity online. He read many articles and came to believe that one must be baptized to be a Christian. He requested a New Testament and began reading. A believer followed up with him to make sure he’d received the New Testament and to try and meet together for further discussion. Victor decided to visit the church that this believer attended. After the service, the believer and the pastor sat down and talked with Victor. They explained the gospel and what it takes to be a follower of Jesus. He walked away a new person in Christ! Victor has been sharing the things he’s learning with his mother. Pray for Victor to grow in faith and maturity. Pray for his mother to become a believer.