Wassulu of Mali, Guinea, and Cote d’Ivoire

(WAH-soo-loo) – Over many years and miles, God has woven lives together for His glory in the Malian village of “Dalton.” Persecution had pushed a believer away decades ago, but that man’s brother, Adam, became a follower of Christ. Adam’s wife, Margo, also became a believer. They faced cultural and familial persecution, but remained faithful. Even before becoming a Christian, this simple and quiet man welcomed many gospel-sharing teams into his “Dalton” courtyard. A few years ago, Adam told the lead Wassulu worker, “I know Jesus is the truth, and I will die on this path.” In April, those words were fulfilled as Adam succumbed to multiple health issues. Upon Adam’s death, the villagers wanted nothing to do with the preparation of his body. However, a few Christian men came from nearby villages to ensure that he had a proper burial and Christian service. The day following Adam’s funeral, many older men from the village gathered to hear a Malian Wassulu worker, a former Muslim himself, respond to their questions about the Christian faith and the hope in which Adam had died! Pray that God will continually use the testimony of this faithful brother in Christ. Pray for Margo to remain strong.