Charlie and Megan Yates*

Charlie heard his wife’s voice calling his name, but he couldn’t remember where he was. Then he recognized the hospital surroundings, and the haunting images of the past day returned.

After 23 years in the Middle East, Charlie Yates* had built strong relationships, especially with children from the children’s home where he worked. Despite having six children of his own with his wife, Megan,* he often became a guiding parental figure to others.

Edward was one of the boys who had lived in the children’s home since he was a baby and had become like a member of the Yates family. When Edward was older, he was granted the opportunity to visit his biological father. However, Edward’s father lived in a part of the city that was controlled by a separate government, and Edward was not allowed to return to the area where the children’s home was located. The Yateses were devastated, especially as they received reports of the mistreatment Edward was receiving from his father.

When Charlie heard that Edward had been turned out onto the streets, he made the decision to walk into the occupied part of the city and rescue Edward. Thankfully he reached Edward, but as they tried to safely escape to the border, Charlie stepped on a landmine. He and the boy were taken to a hospital, but were also arrested. Megan was allowed to visit, and when her husband regained consciousness, she heard about the terrible ordeal. Charlie’s foot had to be amputated, and it took weeks before the opposing governments reached an agreement allowing Charlie to return home — and months before Edward returned. Charlie continued right away, with a limp, to spread the gospel — even translating the entire book of Mark into the local language.

*Name(s) changed for security

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